At CMS, we spend our days making customers happy. Solving customer problems is just something we do, and we do it well. If we can put a smile on someone's face in the process, even better.

We like making our employees smile too. Our team enjoys working for one of the Top 20 Employers in Western New York, with 2 sites in Buffalo and 2 in Amherst. CMS also has a site in Beaver Falls, PA. CMS is a place were employee efforts are recognized and appreciated, and where employee ideas are welcomed.

CMS performs services for some of the largest banks, lenders, and healthcare providers in the country. We have over 25 clients and counting, with new projects being added every few months. Since we almost exclusively promote from within, our growth means opportunity for advancement for all of our valued employees.

We represent our clients to their customers, so to the customer we are the bank, lender, or healthcare provider. We help those customers will all sorts of things. They may need help finishing a loan application, getting a title for their vehicle, making a payment on their credit card, changing their health insurance policy, or they may need something as simple as a statement. Whatever it is our customers need, CMS is here to help.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Come to CMS with a great attitude and a strong work ethic, and we'll show you a career. Due to the constant growth in our client base, it's not uncommon for newer employees to move into management within their first 6 months. If your effort is there, then the opportunity will quickly follow.

Having Customer Relationship experience is a plus of course, but it's not necessary to get started at CMS. We take pride in brining on people with different experience backgrounds and showing them how we we take care of our customers. The diversity in experience helps cultivate new ideas and perspectives that can evolve into better ways to help our customers. As long as you have the 'want to', we can show you the 'how to'.

No degree but looking for a management position?

CMS is always growing and always looking for new leadership. You may be someone who is very qualified to be in leadership based on many years of experience, but the lack of a degree has held you back. Most companies won't even consider interviewing you unless you have a degree, despite you having the expertise needed to perform the job well.

Many of CMS's senior leaders have high level degrees, but there are also many that do not. The leaders who don't were allowed to earn their roles through hard work and by developing a skill-set that can't be ignored. CMS is a privately held company, which doesn't have stockholders or investors to answer to. Because of that, we are free to make decisions about management not only based on education, but on merit and effort as well.

Maybe life took you in a different direction, and college got away from you. But maybe you learned what you needed to through years of hard work. Let's sit down and talk about it.

Ongoing Training

We make sure that you continue to receive training, even after you’re out of the classroom. We believe it’s up to us to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to properly service our customers.

True Stories

Read about the success stories of real CMS employees, along with other testimonials and feedback from customers and clients. Some of the stories are  truly life changing.


Many of our programs offer performance and quality incentives. There are also other incentives available to hard working employees, not to mention the management opportunities.